Towards Equality, Inclusion and Unity​

International Development agencies and secondary data firmly establish that out of the total ‘economically inactive population’ of the country, 69 per cent are females, and out of the total labour force females account for only 34 per cent.

Sri Lanka is predominantly an agricultural economy with 82 per cent of the households still in the rural sector.
Women constitute 50.7 per cent of the population and are a valuable resource potential in the rural agricultural sector of Sri Lanka. Most of the women of the rural population earn their livelihood predominantly through agriculture-based activities. Of the entire female labour force participation, nearly 31.7 per cent of women are engaged in the agricultural sector. However, the role of women in agricultural production, agribusiness and agriculture-based SMEs has not been widely explored. Women in agriculture-based activities help farmers in field operation, manage the livestock production and dairy products, and participate in poultry agriculture and home gardening. However, their involvements in agribusiness activities and SMEs based on agriculture are at a low level due to many social barriers and constraints.

We believe that fostering women’s economic development through enterprise promotion can have a positive impact in a number of areas.

It enhances economic growth and provides employment opportunities.
It improves the social, educational and health status of women and their families.
It encourages women to invest more in education, health and well-being of the family.

In recognition of most of our team being women, we have been led to consider childcare, nutrition, aspects of work-life balance and parenting as a part of our contribution and future expansion. We are committed to ensuring that the team not only have a safe, secure, pleasant work environment but also that the work they do adds value to their families and thereby the community at large. In our remuneration, we pay above average wages and recognize quality and constant effort sharing and celebrating teams’ success.