Our Company

Tropical Green Exports (Private) Limited is a coconut-based product manufacturer in Sri Lanka.

Poised in its endeavor to support the global shift towards renewables, supporting food security and preventing depletion of natural resources, Tropical Green Exports is an environmentally conscious company.

Our Business processes are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals which includes alleviating poverty, promoting healthy lifestyles & well being for all ages, providing life long learning opportunities for youth, gender equality and community empowerment.   We specializing in process excellence and customer service in manufacturing and distribution of the organic Coco-Peat and related products. Coco peat is a 100% organic, multi-purpose, environmentally sustainable substrate used world over as an alternative growth medium to soil be it for industrial, commercial or domestic purposes.

Meet Sheahan Arasaratnam

Finance Industry Specialist
Corporate Leader

" My vision for Tropical Green Exports came from being a business enthusiast that liked challenging situations. This was a venture designed to be an impact driven start up centered and focused on community development and sustainability. From the start we were geared to disrupt the status quo and improve economic activity through performance and results. My vision for each person that joins the TGE team is building them up for a better tomorrow, which is something within us and in reach for all of us."


Based out of the Northern Peninsula of Sri Lanka, Tropical Green Exports is the vision of an entrepreneur who recognized the need for embracing changing dynamics of doing business synergistically with finding solutions to global challenges threatening the wellbeing of the planet as we know it. 

Presently we are led by a team under the vision of our Founder and Chairman Sheahan Arasaratnam who is a finance industry professional. Having served in the regions of Asia and Africa, Sheahan has an undiluted track record as a retail banker. During the tenure of his career as an industry specialist Mr. Arasaratnam has held posts of Head of Retail, General Manager – Consumer Banking, Head of Client Acquisition and Merchant Acquiring,

Led by its Founder Chairman who is an industry finance specialist in the consumer banking, Sheahan accounts for over 25 years of undiluted banking experience. His journey into the banking industry began with the likes of HSBC, American Express, Nations Trust Bank locally, before venturing into international markets including Asia and Africa. During his tenure as a retail banker Sheahan’s areas of specialization included corporate excellence, business right sizing, radical optimization restructure, big data and analytics, digitization, branding, frontline staff training and development, project management and change management. Sheahan’s expertise lies in focusing on design of workflows and business processes amidst challenging market dynamics and rethinking business processes in the aim of improving productivity, customer service and ensuring lean processes are followed in a sustainable manner.

During Sheahan’s career as a professional banker, he held the positions of General Manager, Retail Banking Products – West Africa – Standard Chartered Bank, General Manager – Retail Banking of Union Bank of Nigeria and Country Head Retail Banking of Standard Chartered Bank.

Sheahan holds a Master’s Degree from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia and is also an Associate Member of the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing & a Member of the Charted Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom.

Formally a lecture, Sheahan is an avid wildlife enthusiast, a personal passion he was able to harness during his time since in Africa for over a decade. Further to COVID 19 global pandemic, Sheahan ventured into the entrepreneurial space to harness his experience and learning to the benefit of Sri Lanka’s exports sector. Sheahan is the founder of Tropical Green Exports and currently holds the position of CEO.

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