Grow Your Own Way

We are an export focused social entrepreneurship organization in the industry of renewables supporting the export strategy of Sri Lanka through the manufacture and production of Coconut Fibre, Coco Peat and Coir based products.

Eco-friendly Product Line

We provide 100% biodegradable solutions for multiple applications across territories. Our team specializes in providing high quality coco peat and related products that assist in producing quick harvests and optimum yields be it for industrial, commercial or domestic use. Using a mixture of the different types has its benefits to consumers that are looking to enhance the process of seed germination and producing crops of maximum yield.Our products and services are suitable for industrial and domestic use and even as an ideal solution for home growers to consider alternative uses to soil in home gardening and horticulture.

Manufacturing & Process Facility

Our manufacturing arm is located in Sri Lanka within the Northern Province. Our First Plant is situated at Muhumalai, Pallai within  the Jaffna Peninsula. The region is rich in natural resources to source from and has the advantage of vast landscapes that provide the ideal processing conditions for our Eco-Friendly Product Range. 

Services We Offer

We understand the multi-dimensional requirements of our clients. In addition to a standardized product range we offer customized solutions. We consider high quality, specialization, excellence in process planning and logistics at the core of our business. Since inception we have added to our existing product line to bring our customers high quality premium grade produce. Our Service Team provides able logistics which also includes our shipping partners enabling factory gate to customer doorstep delivery across all continents.

Become a Distributor

Here is a great opportunity to become a distributor of Tropical Green Exports in your country. You can work from home anywhere you are in the world and connect growers with us who wish to incorporate organic, sustainable and high growth medium yield solutions into their business.

Our Vision

Our vision is to cultivate and export tropical produce, directly sourced with a focus on social and ecological sustainability.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist in the national cause, to reach the 2022 export target and evolve into a middle-income country by making available, best in class exports.


  • The Best for Our People
  • The Best for Our Local Communities
  • The Best for Environmental Sustainability
  • The Best Customer Experience
  • The Best Business Investment