Coco Peat 25kg Bale

Made up of lightly compressed and easy to loosen up coco peat. The compression ratio is 2 is to 1, so the expansion is fast and easy. The 25 KG bale’s coco peat is low in EC and have very low salt content.

Material 100% Coco Peat
Block Size 30 x42x80 (+/- 2cm)
Compressed 3:1
Weight 25kg (+/- 2kg)
Moisture 45 - 50 (Buyers request can be arranged)
E.C 700 - 1500mS / cm (1:5 Dilution)
PH Level 5.5 - 6.5
Expansion Vol. 170-180 litres

Packaging Details
Direct Floor Loading Printed or unprinted UV treated 400 or 500 Gauge bag

Utilization 40 ft HC
Bulk Loading: 630/650 Bags | 16 MT per 40ft HC Container
Palletized Loading: 440 Bags| 20 Pallets | 11 MT Per 40ft container

We can make custom blends for high volume orders. These bales can be made with different coco peat and coco husk mixtures. 


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