Coco Peat Brick 650gm Briquette

Ideal for sowing seeds and potting for domestic use. The brick consists of 100 % organic raw materials, it guarantees a high environmental acceptability and is perfectly suitable as substrate for potting plants, bedding and balcony plants, but also as ground cover in terrariums.

Material 100% Coco Peat
Block Size 20x10x3 to 5cm
Compressed 7:1t
Weight 650g (+/- 30gr)
Moisture Below 22%
E.C < 700mS / cm below (1: 5 Dilution)
PH Level 5.5-6.8
Expansion Vol. 8 - 9 litres

Electrical Conductivity
Raw material can be treated and EC can be controlled to suit 
customer requirements.

Packaging Details
Usually, Individually shrink-wrapped with label with/without multi-colour label. Biodegradable packaging is also available. Nude briquettes in Cartons. We can also support 3 or 5 Pc packs in Polybags in Cartons and/or in Pallets.

Utilization 40 ft HC
1944 pieces per Pallet. 20 Pallets in a 40 HC container. Total pieces 38,880 Upto 25 tons per 40ft HC