Skill Development

Investing in Personal Development

While access to credit liquidity and debt management are major concerns for SMEs, we have found that they are contributory to staff turnover and efficiency. We empathize and acknowledge that personal burdens can hinder productivity which affects the output of a labour intensive industry such as ours. Therefore, our HR policies focus on preventing burdensome challenges to staff that impede their personal development and personal wellbeing.

We at Tropical Green Exports consider that a supportive policy environment is key towards a conducive SME development in Sri Lanka. While access to credit and adverse policies are major concerns for SMEs, there are many other constraints faced by these enterprises that impede its development process. SMEs are considered to have low levels of technology which directly hinders the efficiency of the business. The lack of technical and managerial skills also acts as a major deterrent.

We offer training and development on areas including, personal competencies, confidence, capacity building, debt management, budgeting, emotional intelligence, counselling and offer capability proving opportunities. Our mentorship programs are designed to improving living standards incrementally to not only employees but also their immediate families. Our training and development consider holistic wellbeing, promoting financial discipline and personal growth.