Short Story

Our driving force and founding philosophy is rooted in ethical business practices, inclusive participation of female labour force, capacity building and community development. We are not simply about generating profit at any cost but rather building a global brand conscious of social responsibility. We strive constantly to improve the quality of life of all our staff. 

By locating the first production center in the North of the country, our surroundings are rich with natural resources and vast amounts of land apt for the development of the coconut and coir related industry, however, we face on going constraints as a result of low levels of economic activity in the region and high staff turnover due to personal difficulty. 

As a responsible employer we strive to provide a better quality of life to our team, a secure, safe and hygienic work environment within the production facility and personal growth opportunities that can change the lives of both our team members and their dependents. Our future expansion plans including avenues available to staff to benefit from child care during work hours and expansion of the business creating more job opportunities to the community.