Building Green Communities, People Up.

Community Development

As a commercial venture set up in one of the most economically impoverished regions of the country, Tropical Green Exports carries a sense of responsibility, awareness, and appreciation of the fact that income relates to living standards across all industries. We understand that especially family women play a significant and crucial role within the workforce. This was an area of study chosen by our research team in singling out the most vital cause to support through Company community development efforts.

Further to much research and study, it was clear that the need was to create economic empowerment and improvement of quality of life that would have the most impact on our community. We have a deep understanding that several factors, both economic and non-economic factors are responsible for women participation in our workforce.

The strategic objectives of Tropical Green Exports have a direct relation to encouraging Female labour force participation as an important economic growth factor for the company, the industry, region, and GDP. Through our policies relating to recruitment, we consider the implications of the large untapped reservoir of manpower that could be utilized for the development of the country, while empowering the individuals, especially females to benefit society.

Tropical Green Exports is an inclusive employer, an advocate of entrepreneurship and fellowship within the team. As a policy we carry out activities that recommend our company to women in the labour force as a strategic priority. Given our carder is female centric we are inclined to support, encourage and formulate strategies with a special focus on female participation in the workforce, benefits and personal growth. We are committed to our employees through creating a pleasant environment within the workplace through an atmosphere of collaboration, commitment and trust amongst each other.